LARPing for Japan, Jul 23-24, 2011

We were going to take this summer off, use the time to recharge our batteries and our floon, but then, the unthinkable happened. On Friday, March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a tremendous tsunami devastated the north-eastern coast of Japan. Thousands are dead, thousands more are missing. And, as if this weren't enough, the nuclear power plants in the area are in danger of cataclysmic meltdown.

Like many other people, we were moved by the suffering and the unbreakable spirit of the Japanese people. We knew we wanted to do something to help, but what?

Inspiration struck, what do we all do together, we LARP! So this summer we are LARPing for Japan.

This summer we are running a post-apocalyptic zombie LARP over the weekend of July 23-24. All of the proceeds Winged Throne and Ye Olde Commons raise from game admissions, and a pre-game auction of useful in game and out of game items will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to be used in the recovery efforts in Japan.