Prophecy: Zombie 2011 - July 23-24, 2011

It started in Mumbai. At least, that's what the newspapers said several days after the outbreak, several days too late, when the world press finally reported the appearance of the strange new virus. Of course they had reasons for not reporting it right away, revolution in the Arab World, natural disaster in Japan, an upcoming royal wedding, and celebrities in full-blown meltdown.

The virus moved so quickly, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. In our hubris, we thought we'd be safe here, separated from the virus by vast oceans, airports and seaports closed with a decisive executive order. But it was too late. The Infected were already here.

The cities were the first to fall, the tightly crowded population provided the perfect breeding ground. As people fled the epidemic, but they couldn't escape the enemy that was growing within them. When they died, the carnage began. The cycle played out again and again as society as we knew it crumbled.

I've heard that there is a safe zone. If I stay here, I'll likely die. I may not make it there, but honestly, what else do I have to lose?